Commemorating the The Battles of Bull Run

Pre-Civil War Rail Road Bridge embuttment view from Manassass side of Bull Run River lookig towards Clifton.

Carved into stone supports anchoring the original railroad bridge are the initials HH 1851 and the names of military units that were stationed atthe this site. The first of these units picuted here reads “Warrior Gaurds July 19th 1861”

Could HH refer to Herman Haupt? Not usre since this name is more synonomous with the Union General in charge of maintaining the US controled rail roads and their bridges.

(Above) Warrior Troop Gaurds July 19th 1861. Just one day after the fighting that took place upstream near rte 28 bridge then known as Blackburns Ford.

(Above) Reads Troy Gaurds PRVC Feb 13, 1864. This was a Pennsylvania unit assigned to protect the bridge during the Union Occupation of the area.

Artillery Shell Recovery

I took the opportunity to film this man recovering an artillery shell from the bottom of this stream . He wasnt metal detecting just reaching down with bare hands feeling the stream bottom for anything that was man made object. Wasn’t sure what he was looking for but asked if I could film him once he found something. Take a look at the video to see his amazing discovery.

Underwater Iron
Watch this video on YouTube.

Quite amazing I was lucky enugh to be at the right place at the right time to witness this recovery. Very Cool!!!

View of Federal Camp at Coles Hill Stevensburg, VA

Federal Encampment at Coleshill

Federal Camp at Coles Hill. Another ridge to the right (not pictured) known as Hansborough Ridge  was equally impressive in terms of the number of soldiers  encamped there

Spencer and I taking a lunch break during DIV 14Spencer Marker and I taking a lunch break during our digging adventure at Coles Hill in Stevensburg, VA.  The other photo shows the enormity of the camp during the Civil War.  Relics were tough to dig in the red,Virginia soil.