Bald Eagle Eating a Skunk. Floodplain Town of Clifton 12/28/12

Unfortunately did not have a good camera to get a close up but here on the ground eating a skunk in the flood plain is a majestic bald eagle. Its not the first time eagles have been spotted in Clifton either scavenging on dead deer or soaring above the town. Its interesting to see though that it is further inland than I would have expected. I usually see them along the Potomac River area.

12/28/12 Bald Eagle in Clifton Flood Plain

I tried to get closer to get a better shot but as expected it flew off. At least it had a decent meal beforehand. Below is the remains of a skunk on wich it was feeding. What is not clear is whether or not the bird killed the skunk or was scavenging it.

Killed skunk (from eagle)


3 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Eating a Skunk. Floodplain Town of Clifton 12/28/12

  1. Thank you so much for so generously sharing your vast knowledge of
    the Clifton area during the Civil War. The Tillett boys were my great uncles.
    Their sister, Adalaide, was my great grandmother who met my great grand-
    father, William A. Long, a Union soldier from Greencastle, Pa. In Clifton
    During the war.
    Married in D.C. And lived their until they died and are buried in Arlington National Cemetary. They had 4 children, and only one married (lucky
    For me) . My great grandfather Longs obit is in the Congressional Record.
    He lived in the same house with my mother, Louise Lear Smith, until he
    Passed in 1919 . Many thanks gain for your great article. Mary J. Sumrall

  2. I saw a bald eagle eat a skunk. The adult fed her two young in Deborah, Iowa.
    You use the word Clifton. What Clifton. I’m from Clifton, Ohio.

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