Wood Frog and Spotted Salamanders.

woodfrog program (2)

Thats me looking into a vernal pool where wood frogs were seen just a few days earlier.

woodfrog program (12)

Spotted Salamander emerging from vernal pool (above)

woodfrog program (9)

Red back Salamanders (above) woodfrog program (6)

Spotted Salamander (above)

Green Frog (below)

woodfrog program (4)Tonight we headed out to Western Fairfax County along the rte 28 corridor in search of wood frogs and spotted salamanders. These two sensitive amphibian species are our early spring arrivals to the vernal pools created by rain fall and snow melt. Tonight we werent as lucky to see the wood frogs but were able to find spotted salamanders and a two other amphibian species-a red back salamander and green frog. Over all a successful herp night out.

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