VHS Herp Survey Hemlock Overlook

Juvenile Northern Copperhead

Above Juvenile Northern Copperhead found on campground during our lunch break. Other snakes found that day were northern water, queen, northern brown, eastern worm, and ringneck snakes.

One of the species of salamanders found in this area. There are at least three sepcies of the genus Eurycea. Their common names are two lines three lined and this one pictured here the long tail salamander. The purpose of this survey was to capture a hybrid between the three lined and longtail that purportededly exist in the area. Genetic testing for certain marker proteins will help to deermine if indeed hybridization occurs or not within tis genus of sals.
Eurycea Longtail Salamander (2)

Perhaps one of the coolest of salamanders and the one species that has eluded me for many years was found by one of the surveyors in a seepage that fed into the main stream. This is the The Northern Red Salamander and apparently a recently transformed adult.


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