BEWARE SNAKES!!! Upper Occoquan Water Treatment Plant


My friend Mike and I went over to check out some of the migratory birds that visit this facility.  There were hundreds if not thousands of common as well as hooded mergansers, and ring billed gulls, and mallards. These were the dominating goups. Other species included other types of gulls, in fact there was one unfortunte  hearing gull with a broken wing, a couple of  kingfishers, and in one cove we counted 7 great blue herons a red tail hawk and few american crows.

To me the most unique experience of today was the newly installed signs warning people of venoumous snakes. Although the sign doesn’t mention the word venomous it does however clearly illustrate the heads of two vipers -(snakes with fangs) which to anyone who didnt know better that there were dangerous reptiles lurking near shore. Crazy!

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