22″ Large Mouth Basss Hemlock Overlook (Alex Buckley)

22″Large Mouth Bass caught by Alex Buckley. Fish was released ( as with all fish we catch) unharmed soon after these photos were taken




2 thoughts on “22″ Large Mouth Basss Hemlock Overlook (Alex Buckley)

  1. I fished at the Hemlock overlook today. I didn’t venture too far from where the trail meets the water, but I was wondering how far you usually go. And I was also wondering what types of bait you have the most success on, because I used multiple different types of lures and didn’t have too much luck. Thanks.

    • Hemlock can be tricky to fish. Our best luck usually occurs around dusk. I don’t recall what that bass was caught on but we have caught them on night crawlers and on artificial bits like rappalas mepps spinners and i particularly like using a fly rod with a streamers fly . I will ask him what he caught the bass on and let youknow . We never keep the fish just fish for fun

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