Jefferson Salamander Excursion Elizabeth Furnace 3/3/2012

Well we had a great turnout fot for the this trip to Elizabeth Furnace. However conditions were not the best for finding Jefferesons and for that matter Spots either. There had been quite a bit of rain the days before and the pools were “murked” up. Mike was able to capture a nice Jefferson and Spot almost immediately but after that it was mostly spots some Marbled Sal larva and a wood frog. In years past we have seen quite a bit of Jeffersons but the combination of arriving late in the season (3/3/2012) thereby missing the window of opportunity to see a mass breeding ritual and the heavy rains limited our sightings. No complaints here just wish we could have seen more Jeffs.

We did get to see a red bat (photo by Mike) and get some close up photos of it as it periodically rested on a tree next to Passage Creek.

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