Monster Catfish on Fly Rod!! Thank You Capt Sam Ellis!!!!

Was at one of my local fishing spots this evening with my step son and fishing buddy Alex Buckley.Was trying out a streamer on a fly rod near an old dam site. Initially caught a keeper sized small mouth bass but lost it in some shallow rapids while I was fumbling for my camera to take a video of it. Also caught a small large mouth bass too but not a size worthy of a photo. figuring the spot was spooked after all the action that took place of catching two bass I decided to try a pool just downstream of the damn and below some rapids. Casting perpendicular to the pool I hooked what I thought was a submerged log. As I tried to pull up on my rod tip and strip in my line is when I noticed that the log began to move!! See the video to see what happened next!! (all fish are released)

Channel Catfish Caught on Flyrod



Alex Buckley holding the monster channel catfish

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