Webelos Naturalist Badge Program at Walney

Today I led two groups of Webelos through Walney Park. Walney is part of a 640 acre tract of  forested stream valley and meadow community located in Centreville-Chantlilly Virginia.  The kids learned about local wildlife, native vs invasive plants, birds and their migratory flyways, and human impacts on the environment.   While on the trail  we spotted a variety of cool things. Most interesting to the kids were a large adult red shoulder hawk perched on a low lying branch in the middle of the woods. Snakes, turtles and lizards made up the bulk of our large animal discoveries. We didnt take a photo of the raptor but were able to take pics of some of the native reptiles. P1000078

Broadhead skink perched on top of a tree branch North Trail


Eastern Box Turtle spotted crossing the North Ttrail


Another Broadhead Skink but this one clearly has lost most of its tail.

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