Mason Neck Green Tree Frog Excursion

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Green tree frogs are what we came to Mason Neck for!! This photo of a green tree frog on some pickerel weed was taken by Michael Gregory.  We didn’t see many of these guys last year and only a few this year.  They are unique to this region of the Coastal Plain and we certainly don’t see them around Clifton

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(Above) Ripening PawPaw fruits. Apparently very edible and was often eaten regularly by the early Colonist.

Seining for Snake Heads but no luck today. We did see a snake head from the vantage of the Marsh boardwalk earlier on that day. The man over my left shoulder (background) was standing in the inlet that leads to the marsh where we saw the snake head earlier that morning. It was our hope that we could trap a few snakeheads entering and or leaving this inlet during tidal movements.

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Trumpet Vine and its fruits growing near one of the ponds by the Kyak launch.

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Prothonotary Warbler Photo taken By Michael Gregory. We spotted this bird along the sandy shore along Bay Trail. Mike got off this great shot of the bird eating a catepillar. Apparently the bird was slamming the catepillar down on the branch in order to subdue it

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