Birding and Herping at Bull Run and Walney


Cedar Waxwing Bull Run (photo by Mike Gregory)

Mike and I went first to the old Stonebridge site near the 1st Battle of  Bull Run.  While on the boardwalk we saw a hug barred owl and further up a cedat waxwing. Other than that not much else.

Later on we visited Walney and walked the Pond trail. Didn’t see much except for one led back salamander and what possibly was a dusky. At the pond was a different story.  Along the northwestern bank near the deep end of the pond I spotted a baby Red Ear Slider and opposite this location near the boardwalk and in waist high tall grass was a coverboard which produced a garter and a northern water snake.


Baby Red Ear slider caught next to bank of Walney Pond (photo by Mike Gregory)


Northern Water Snake in tall grass along Walney Pond (photo by Mike Gregory)

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