Birding and Herp Walk FCPA 3/30/10



Photos by Michael Gregory

On Wednesday 3/30/10 Micheal Gregory and I explored Sully Woodlands and Popular Road Parks to look for -well anything we could find that crwled or flew. At the Woodlands we did spot a Yellow Belly Sap Sucker -which is a first for the two of us. Chorus frogs were heard calling in the vernal pools as well.

After our tour of the Woodlands we headed for Popular Road Park on Bull Run Post Office Road a more recent  addition of park land aqcuired by  FCPA. There we encountered Yellow Rumped Warbler, a Red Headed Woodpecker, and a Brown Creeper. These birds were spotted along the riparian zone of Bull Run. Here the zone is mostly a mixed deciduous tree lined barrier separating Bull Run River and an open meadow.  In addition to the birds we stumbled upon a female Painted Turtle basking on a muddy bank along the river.

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