Tubing a Northern Copperhead 7/24/14

Tony had received a northern copperhead the other day at work. It had been delivered to the park by a local resident. The snake had been entangled in “deer netting” a common material used to keep deer from entering and eating your garden. Tony with the help of another park staffer carefully and successfully removed the snake. I then arranged to pick up the snake to first examine it for abrasions and treat with triple antibiotic if necessary before releasing it into a suitable habitat. In order for me to properly examine and possibly administer the antibiotic I needed to first tube the snake. The video below shows the process of how this was done. The first attempt summarizes how I plan to handle the animal. Unfortunately I was not successful the first time. The second video I try a slightly different approach which ultimately does work. In either case it took a total of approximately 18 minutes to get the snake into and out of the tube.

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