Night of Herps May 7th 2013 with Ryan Collister

Ryan and I decided to go out this evening to do some road herping. Ryan is currently a zoology major at CNU and a former Fairfax County Park Authority Volunteer at Hidden Pond Nature Center. He has been avid enthusiast of herps since he was a toddler. He lives and breathes herps and nature and is quite knowledgeable as a field herper as well as capable handler of captive herps. Tonight we linked up and headed for some sites to get our “fix” for some night herping. Below are some of he critters- some typical and some not so typical to find.
Shown below are:
American toads, Gray Tree Frogs, Red Spotted Newt (Eft Stage), Young adult Mole king snake, Ring neck snake, Worm snake, Smooth earth snake. The video shows a male gray tree frog in a vernal pool calling. If you watch the video you can hear the sounds of spring peepers and possibly the American toads calling as well. Ryan had the misfortune of being bitten by an assassin ug that night. Apparently quite painful.


P1050296May 7th 2013



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