Fall Herping 3/21-3/22 2012 Fairfax County


Black Racers C.constrictor under cover board

Fall Herping kicks off!
20120922_1105033/21/2012 Found this little brown skink as it is commonly called (Scincella, lateralis) today near 8 acre park. This is the first one I found in Clifton usually I find them in wooded areas along the coastal plain. This native skink is VA smallest lizard reaching snout to vent length around 2.5 inches and overall length somewhere in 5.5″ if you include head to tail tip. These guys are so small and pretty quick that they are often heard rustling through leaf litter but seldom seen.
47241_10151022202342805_106209744_n3/22/2012 Fall Equinox: Woke up at 4:30 am this morning and could not go back to sleep. Waited until 7: 00am called my friend Mike to see if he wanted to go out and herp for two hours.
20120922_093708As you can see a nice diversity of common species (only exception is the little brown skink found day before) in just two hours and certainly better than waiting around for 11:00 am to arrive when I am summoned to help with grocery shopping and all that good stuff that husbands and wives do on Saturday mornings

Marbled Salamander: Amystoma opacum

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