Catoctin Wildlife Preserve Venomous Reptile and Husbandry Seminar

Two and a half days of demonstrations lecture and hands-on experience with reptiles at the Catoctin Zoo in MD. BElow are some of the memorable hands on experiences with four speices of Elapids and two species of Vipers. The Elapids in this case cobras- the Russian Cobra, the Monocled Cobra, the Spitting Cobra, and the Forest Cobra. The Vipers included Gaboon and Rhino Vipers and Pit Vipers Panam Rattle Snake, Eastern Water Moccasin, and Northern Copperhead.

Catoctin ZooGila Monster  Catoctin Zoo (26)Forest Cobra
Catoct Day3 (3)



Basic Training for Me Forest Cobra
Forest Cobra Handling Basics

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