Bull Run Upper Fords to the Stone Bridge

Walked Bull Run from Poplar Ford to the Stone Bridge. I have always been curious to see the boundary line that separated the two opposing forces during the first major battle of the Ameican Civil War. The weather has been extreme with record setting temperatures and little or no rain. The Run was probbaly only down a foot maybe two and we seldom reached depths past our waste. The bottom along this stretch was pretty firm with very little soft silty areas. Water was relatively clear but there was very little vegetation. Along the way there were numerous fish and we did stumble upon a few musk turtles.

Stinkpot-Common Musk Turtle -Bull Run

The run was also suprisingly clean of solid waste especially when compared to the areas south of the rte 28 bridge where the trash is becoming a problem.
On our approach to The Stone Bridge somewhere along the vicinity of Farm Ford the bottom was solid rock. The bottom rock seemed to merge with a high bank also made of the same rock- a sand or mud stone. This is where we found an abundance of different ferm like plants, mosses and liverworts, and sedum just to name a few. There was also some neat looking Geology in the nearby cliffs.

A_tricomanesBull Run Southwest BankAspenium_platynueronBull Run Musk Turtle (2)MaidenhairBull Run North East Bank (2)Lizard_tail1

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