Vernal Pools Are Alive!!! Clifton, VA

Vernal Pools near my house are thriving with life. My wife, my friend Rad, and I went out on Wednesday and the the next subsequent evenings to check the pools for Wood Frogs.


As we approached the pool we could hear the chorus of male wood frogs calling in the darkness.
Wood Frogs in Vernal Pool February 24th 2012

The sounds diminished momentarily but upon shinning our lights on the pool revealed dozens of amplexing wood frogs some spotted salamanders bobbing to the surface to gulp air
Spotted Salamander Vernal Pool

and a red spotted newt lying on the bottom on top of some submerged leaves.

Underwater Footage of Male Breeding Spotted Salamander 2/24/2012

I returned to the vernal pool the day after to see the the outcome of the breeding frenzy. Below is a vid I took showing not only the egg masses but the diversity of zoo plankton and life that exist beneath this forested puddle. Amazing!! At the end of the vid is brief glimpse at a larva salamander

Beneath a Vernal Pool.MTS

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