1793 Chain Cent Union Mills 1997

In 1997 I found this early american coin near the end of Union Mill Road (with permission from the owner). The coin has an interesting history.  The coin was minted for about three months before it was removed from production.  1793 was the first year our country produced its own coins.  To give you an idea of the scaricity of the coin the population of Virginia alone (not including all the other colonies/states where the coin would be circulated) in 1793 was apporximately 750,000 but only 36, 000 coins were minted. . The coin’s design is the reason why it was taken out of production.  Abolitionist claimed that the chain design symbolized slavery and bondage contrary to the designers intent of showing unity among the colonies.  Lady Liberty, as she appeared on the face of the coin seemed frieghtened -hardly the image the early american people wanted portrayed as a symbol of their recent struggle and success for independence.

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