Carolina or House Wren

Carolina WrenA very common bird found around here in the summer months. Very vocal!  One of their calls, which I heard frequently sounded something like “teacher-teacher-teacher teacher”  The bird pictured here was observed near a nest of hatchlings (and is presumably one of the parents) the interesting thing about the nest was that it was constructed in a hanging flower pot on the Booth’s porch.  Nesting in hanging flower pots apparently is a common practice with this species

Screech Owl Town of Clifton across from Fire Hall

screechowl (2)A pair of screech owls were observed in Ken Buckley’s (now owned by Jim Fullerton) front yard.  This is one of the pair clinging to some bamboo trees that separate Boynton’s from Buckley’s property.  I observed the owls to be most active at night but in this photograph the pair were forced out of and separated from their nest by prowling black rat snakes looking for the owl eggs or their chics.   An interesting fight between the owl pair and the snakes ensued resulting in one snake being injured. The injured snake found snactuary in a cavity of another nearby tree while the owls reclaimed their nest.

Green Heron (Butorides virescens)

Little Green Heron photo taken at dusk along Popes Head Creek just south of the rail road bridge. This bird often found along the riparian zones of streams. A very intelligent bird often dropping small twigs, feathers and or other debris onto the water surface in order to attract its prey, namely fish.

Little Green Heron