Yellow Throated Warbler. ECLP Birding trip to Westmoreland Park 4/27/13 by Michael Gregory


Used 500 mm lens to take these pictures of a Yellow Throated

Warbler (not to be confused with Common Yellowthroat). New to my life
list and apparently not found in our area.



Birding was not so good at Westmoreland. Yellow Throated was the only warbler we got a look at.

We heard Ovenbird, Common Yellowthroat and Northern Parula but never
got a look at them. Bald Eagles and Ospreys were plentiful but not
much else. We never even saw a Robin.



Bald Eagle Eating a Skunk. Floodplain Town of Clifton 12/28/12

Unfortunately did not have a good camera to get a close up but here on the ground eating a skunk in the flood plain is a majestic bald eagle. Its not the first time eagles have been spotted in Clifton either scavenging on dead deer or soaring above the town. Its interesting to see though that it is further inland than I would have expected. I usually see them along the Potomac River area.

12/28/12 Bald Eagle in Clifton Flood Plain

I tried to get closer to get a better shot but as expected it flew off. At least it had a decent meal beforehand. Below is the remains of a skunk on wich it was feeding. What is not clear is whether or not the bird killed the skunk or was scavenging it.

Killed skunk (from eagle)


Homemade Birdfeeder Program Feb 2012 Walney

Today we conducted for the second year in a row our family homemeade birdfeeder program at the Walney Visitor Center at E.C. Lawrence Park. Weather was pretty cold somewhere in the the teens (at least it felt that way) but that didnt stop the hungary birds from nor the kids and their families from testing their newly made feeders. As you can see in the photos we used a variety of easily obtained materials found anywhwere in the home or yard. Homemade Birdfeeders is a great way to instill in youngsters a love for nature and the environment. Its great for both residential and migratory birds anytime of the year. With a little ingenuity and practice their is no limit as to what creative designs one can create. Where else can you take a ordinary piece of what would be trash or yard waste and make a wonderful craft that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. ITs great to see the expression on kids faces when birds arrive at their newly created feeders. Cant put a price on that experience!!

[flickr id=”6865920243″ thumbnail=”medium” overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”none”]

Above Pinecone feeder made from pinecone peanut butter and sunflower seeds


Above plastic juice jar made into feeder


Woodcock Popular Ford Park

woodcock (2)

(above) Female Woodcock lying still in high brushy wet area.

Took my dog Petey out for a walk today hoping to explore some Civil War Trails from First Battle of Bull Run. Couldnt get access to the trail so went to a county park instead. Was waliking Petey along a Cedar tree lined edge of a trail when  stumbled upon this wood cock. Couldnt beleive my luck was able to get real close to take a few shots.

In addition to sighting I heard upland chorus frogs and spring peepers in surrounding wet areas. Spring is ariving!!