Walking with Insects

I found this beast hanging around a friend’s porch ceiling. I never have seen one before and now I know why. Walking Sticks are so cryptic and had it not been for the white background of the ceiling I would never have noticed it. Walking Stick Bull Run Post Office Road 9/20/08 a really cool animal. This one was photographed along Bull Run Post Office Road

Another view of the same Monarch Chrysalis Sept 24 2008

Monoarch Chrysalis minutes before emergingAll of the Monoarch stages of development were taken with a Nikon pocket “point and shoot” camera so the quaility of photo isn’t great.  My purpose was to try and document a gradual transitional stages of the Monarch life cycle .  Note that this chrysalis is attached to, not a Milkweed plant but instead the underleaf of a Canna.  Just minutes after this pic was taken the adult form emerged