Tropical Storm Lee Aftermath

Well the storm water receeded and left behind an almost perfectly cleansed landscape. There is something “cleansing” about a flood. Below intersection of Clifton Creek Road and Mainstreet


Below Where Chapel Street turns into private driveway through 8 acre / Buckley Park


Below site of the rail road bridge


Below Russucks Robins House near the intersection of Clifton Creek Road and Mainstreet. (looking north towards town)


Tropical Storm Lee Saturates Clifton: Clifton Flood of 9/8/2011

Another great flood ravages Clifton after the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee rips through the eastern seaboard. Below is PopesHead Creek Rail road Bridge just west of Town

Clifton Flood PopesHead Creek Rail Road Bridge

Below Buckley Park PopesHead Creek

Clifton Flood Buckley Park

Below Main Street Bridge over PopesHead Creek facing south of rail road tracks

Clifton Flood PopesHead Creek Bridge Mainsteet Clifton

Flood Waters from PopesHead Creek threaten the Russeks Robins House. Near Main Street Bridge

Clifton Flood Near Masonic Lodge

Heavy Rains and Flooding In Clifton

IMG_1171 Heavy Rains make for some interesting encounters. (Above )You know it is wet outside when there are fish flopping around in the middle of the road. Here are some of the  pics from tonights excusrsion. 

 There were lots of toads and other anurans out tonight.  No sightings of salamanders though.

Below night time photo of Pickerel frog off Neuman Road