Hyde County North Carolina August 2014 Herp Excursion.

Our third annual herp road trip in the name of finding new species lead us to the Coastal Plain of North Carolina or more specifically Hyde County. We heard from others that herping Hyde was an awesome experience. The area is quite accessible to all sorts of coastal habitats including both fresh and brackish water zones. There are a variety of man made and natural areas. Forested wetlands, marshes and lakes, pine, Cyprus and hardwood forests as well as reclaimed agriculture areas transected by numerous canals and ditches.
Hyde Co NC Cyprus Forest Wetland
The human population is spread out into large and small farms, single family homes some old, some new, some well kept some run down. The roads are simple two lanes that seem to go on forever with virtually no traffic which makes road cruising at night very safe and enjoyable- (at least while we were there and I can’t vouch for other times of the year). Gas stations and other modern conveniences – forget it. You’re not going to find a 7-11, a Sheetz, or a major grocery store. Gas stations are a few and in between and are often hidden or seem to blend in with the landscape.

We stayed near the the Mattamuskeet Wild Life Refuge. During the day we explored the refuge and occasionally the out of the way dirt and gravel roads At night we road cruised rte 264 as well as surrounding “country” roads.

P1120369P1120483Lake 2


Eastern Cottonmouth

P1120394P1120381Nerodia -juvenileP1120375